Wins, Woes, and Wine – Su Grant and Nancy D’Onofrio Talk Talent Leadership


Are you more of a Pinot Noir or a Prosecco fan?

In the latest installment of Wins, Woes, and Wine, Nancy D’Onofrio and Su Grant pour a glass and open up for a candid chat about their experiences in the recruitment industry.

Su Grant, Senior Director and Head of Talent Acquisition for CBI Health Group, never thought she would end up working in talent acquisition. In fact, she was actively working her way toward a career in pharmaceutical sales! After a series of events, she had to pivot her plans. Luckily for her, a natural move was to step into the recruiting space.

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Sippin’ Back With Su Grant

The greatest part of Wins, Woes, and Wine isn’t just the wine; it’s the transparency and honesty our conversations bring to the table. It’s no secret that recruiters and talent leaders are overworked and burnt out. But it’s through these honest conversations that we can come together to understand one another and talk about ways to adapt and advance in the future.

Nancy and Su kick off their conversation by talking about their personal experiences in their careers – what they’ve loved,  what’s sparked their desire to move to a new organization or role, and what they think the future holds for talent leadership. Check out some of the highlights of their conversation here:

  • The “Ah-Ha” moment – After leading the first team meeting as a manager, Su realized that she was putting on a front. It took an honest conversation with her boss that being authentic and being yourself, even in a leadership role, is the best way to motivate and connect with your team.
  • The need to be humble – We can all agree that learning is continuous. Even the most experienced leaders can listen and learn all throughout their careers. The best kinds of leaders are the ones who can stay humble and keep their ambition for growth.
  • The major wins – Accomplishments and wins come in all shapes and sizes. For Su, she’s most excited to see her team develop and grow in their careers. She loves being able to give someone the opportunity to actually accomplish their goals. What kinds of wins keep you motivated in your work?
  • Layoffs, resignations, and open roles, oh my!  – With so many organizations slimming down and employees leaving in droves, talent acquisition professionals are feeling the impact of a stressful market. Su and Nancy talk about how recruiters can navigate this tricky time and open up the conversation with their leaders to adapt to the changing industry.
  • Looking to the future – Su reminds us that it’s okay to fail as long as you’re learning and growing. To stay successful now and in the future, talent leadership needs to take risks, adapt, and be comfortable with stumbling along the way. It’s when we put ourselves out of our comfort zone that we find the greatest success.
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