Our mission is to help great employers hire the best talent out there

At Visage, we make candidate sourcing and outreach simple so that recruiters can focus on the most important aspect of their job: evaluating people.

We develop a robust and varied applicant pool so that employers may focus on evaluating people rather than looking for them.

About Us

At Visage, our goal is to keep discovering what real success and innovation in passive sourcing hiring looks like from every perspective and focus on removing the barriers to getting there. We’re becoming the new face of outbound recruitment.

Our Culture

Global collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. The Visage culture is uniquely created from a diversely talented, global team that inspires and encourages each other to work smarter, find balance, and always have more fun.

Visage in the Press

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Careers at Visage

As a 100% remote company, we are able to find the best talent imaginable from all over the globe. We practice radical transparency with our colleagues and our clients, valuing honesty and meaning above all else.

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