Impossible hiring goals? We have the solution.

Visage sourcing technology blends 4,000 Sourcers and AI to find diverse talent within hours.

Top Fortune 500 Companies and Global Enterprises trust Visage for sourcing

20x Faster

Visage simplifies candidate sourcing and outreach so you can focus on what really matters - people.

50% Savings

Our flexible sourcing solution is 50% more cost-efficient than in-house sourcing and can quickly scale up or down according to your hiring needs.

10x Higher Quality

The unique combination of AI and a network of top sourcers ensure you will find the best talent. Unlike sourcing robots, Visage understands your unique requirements and delivers 10x higher profile acceptance rates.

How Visage works

Easy Job Posting

Define the role requirements on Visage, and submit. AI matches the role to 5+ Top Sourcers with the most relevant expertise for immediate sourcing. With a network of over 4,000 sourcers, Visage can support searches for any function, domain, and industry.

Smart Sourcing

Our Top Sourcers compete to submit their best-matching candidates within 24h. They are incentivized based on the quality of submission. They will leave no stone unturned to identify potential candidates.


AI expedites the matching process to identify top candidates. Algorithms disqualify candidates based on structured data (job history, title, skills, etc.). We take into account your feedback (candidates accepted/rejected) using machine learning.


Review candidate profiles and provide feedback to improve your next batch of candidates. In one-click, engage your shortlist with custom messages via email. See candidate responses directly in your inbox.

Ready to save time and resources?

Why our customers trust us

I use Visage and its crowdsourcing technology as my primary sourcing tool. They do my sourcing and contacting, which allows me to focus on the more fundamental aspects of the job. I would recommend this platform to any busy hiring team. Great way to build immediate and long term pipeline.

Jay JerryTalent Acquisition Manager

Visage has been a game-changer for our talent acquisition organization. Nearly our entire sourcing effort goes to the Visage platform, enabling our team to achieve significantly more. Our hiring managers think we are rockstars thanks to the quality of candidates and fast turnaround. I am constantly recommending Visage to my friends in the industry!

Alex CaiolaDirector of Talent

I posted hard to find positions. Visage crowdsourced 697, validated 258, committed 31, and shortlisted 22 candidates. That was unbelievable. It happened overnight. That’s what blew me away. Visage was able to do this in 2 days when it takes staff of researchers a month to get to that number.

Mark WebsterVP Talent

Frequently Asked Questions

Visage is your virtual sourcing team. Submit your job requirements and Visage delivers qualified candidates in just 24-hours. Engage your shortlisted candidates with custom messages via email.

Visage combines the expertise of recruiting sourcers (human intelligence) and unique algorithms (artificial intelligence) to deliver high-quality candidates profiles. Our clients approve 80% of the candidates.

Define your role requirements and submit. We dispatch the role to 5+ sourcers for immediate sourcing. Our independent sourcers have access to a multitude of job boards and professional sites worldwide. They will leave no stone unturned to identify potential candidates. Review the candidate profiles, remove the ones you don't want to contact and finally, engage your shortlist with custom messages via email.

Visage has developed a large-scale diversity sourcing solution that allows enterprise clients to source based on their custom hiring needs. Visage recognizes employers’ increasing need to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace, and has created a Diversity Academy that hundreds of Visage sourcers from around the globe are required to attend. This elite group of certified sourcers work closely with enterprises’ internal teams to qualify candidates using their skills in unconscious bias training.

With over 3,500 specialist sourcers, Visage can support searches for any function, domain, and industry. Whether you are looking for 100 entry-level sales reps or a VP of Marketing in a niche domain, Visage has it covered.

We currently service clients in 32 countries. Whether you are doing a local search in Indonesia or looking for senior talent in the US, Visage has a local sourcing presence.

Visage has a subscription business model. Pricing is based on your team's needs and size. We do not charge a percentage per candidate placement as recruiting agencies do. We have designed Visage so one seat gets you the same or more output as an internal dedicated sourcer, but with more consistency and speed. We are much more cost-effective than you hiring a sourcer and giving them recruiting tools (LinkedIn, CRM, etc.).

Visage will make your team 50% more productive on average. Whether you measure the number of hires/month, interviews/week, or time-to-fill; Visage will dramatically improve your metrics. Delegating your sourcing to Visage will enable your team to focus on what they do best: hiring great people.

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