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The power of artificial intelligence with the expert human touch of 4,000+ global sourcers

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Overcome bias with certified diversity sourcers

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Automate manual sourcing and spend time where it matters – with candidates

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Reach top candidates instantly on up to 3 email addresses


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Tackle shifting hiring objectives with ease and flexibility

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Easily review higher-quality Crowd Sourced candidates — delivered in 24 Hours

Work smarter with on-demand Crowd Sourcing that scales with your hiring needs.  Recommended profiles are uploaded and analyzed to meet each of your job requirements, bringing your best candidates to the surface.

Simplify engagement with personalized, automated outreach

Upgrade your candidate communication with custom email templates and automated campaigns. Every candidate email address is verified and ranked, keeping you out of SPAM, and automagically ensuring GDPR and CCPA compliance.

Integrates With Your Applicant Tracking System

Visage’s seamless integration with your ATS and existing tech suite help you streamline and maximize your hiring strategies. With instant information sharing, you’ll enjoy a hiring process that is more cost-effective, more intelligent, and more enjoyable for all. Stop giving yourself a headache using clunky technology. Upgrade your recruitment strategy by integrating your ATS with Visage!

Improve your recruitment strategy with data-driven reporting insights and AI-powered pipelines

Track progress on recruitment objectives and better plan your sourcing budgets, timelines and workload. With an AI-powered funnel and insights into performance, your team can focus their efforts with flexibility and ease.

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