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Visage Goes Beyond Powerful Artificial Intelligence Alone

While AI has revolutionized recruiting, it’s nothing without human intelligence behind it. Our platform uses sourcing experts to add a human touch to our AI-powered talent pipeline.

Stop the Guessing Game with Sourcing Experts

Tap Into Hidden Talent Pools with Powerful Algorithms

Eliminate Bias with Constantly Learning Software

Why Visage?

Saved Recruiter Time and Repetition

Your Talent Acquisition team has never been more valuable. Take arduous, repetitive work off their shoulders and add that time back into their day. Visage delivers candidates in less than 48 hours.

Expanded Talent Pool with Sourcing Experts

Gain instant access to expert sourcers who are extensively trained and held to the highest standards. We deliver top-quality candidates that aren’t restricted by time zone, language, or experience.

Supercharged Candidate Experience

Engagement is essential to your recruiting and hiring success. Visage offers an easy communication channel and automation to ensure no one is overlooked in your hiring process. Our platform also unearths information you can use to build relationships with passive candidates.

Streamlined Technology Stack

Your recruiters simply don’t have time to log in and out of systems all day long. It’s easy for information to get lost or get inputted incorrectly. Visage offers intuitive, user-friendly technology that integrates into the systems you’re already using, making everyone’s lives easier and your candidate data safer.

Real, Measurable Recruiting Results

The longer a position is open, the more it costs your company. Visage accelerates your hiring process and delivers candidate lists within 24 hours. Advance your recruitment strategy with a scalable tool that works side-by-side with your team to deliver return on investment outcomes and success.


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