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How To Use AI for Recruitment

Image depicts the use of AI in recruiting as a close-up of a person’s hands holding a horizontal image of the globe.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has quickly become a favorite tool in the talent acquisition professional’s toolbox, and for good reason. It’s a business innovation that has the power to streamline the entire talent acquisition cycle, and not just in ways that you’d expect. AI isn’t problem-free, but when headcounts and budgets are shrinking – and targets… Read more »

How To Source Diverse Talent: 6 Expert Tips

Learn how to source diverse talent, illustrated by a photo of a businessman reviewing online applicants as holographic resumes that float above a laptop keyboard.

Diversity matters. It’s been proven time and time again that, from backroom to boardroom, a diverse workforce offers a multitude of advantages and opportunities, like boosting innovation, productivity, financial performance, reputation, and more. Although making the business and ethical case for diversity isn’t much of a challenge, understanding how to source diverse talent certainly is…. Read more »

8 Passive Candidate Recruiting Strategies

Passive candidates may be unaware of better opportunities, but these recruiting strategies can boost your passive talent sourcing.

They’re out there, somewhere: talented, experienced, and qualified candidates, perfect for filling an open role in your company. Many, however, are happy at their current jobs with heads down, and definitely not on the hunt for new opportunities they’re exactly right for. These folks represent just one drop of perfect talent in a huge passive… Read more »

Passive Sourcing: Everything You Need To Know

When most people think about sourcing, they probably picture active candidates – on job boards, social media platforms, and employee referral programs. But using another route to find top talent — passive sourcing — targets passive candidates. This approach enables you to expand your pool of potential employees and improve your chances of finding the… Read more »