Introducing the all new Visage Platform


 The Visage Platform: All of your passive candidate sourcing in one place

Passive candidate sourcing is often done across multiple tools and platforms and this disparate manner of finding candidates leads to an unorganized workflow. Tracking candidates and jobs across various Excel spreadsheets and sending resumes for review via emails with PDFs probably sounds all too familiar to you. Visage is changing the way you manage your passive candidate workflow by giving you one central space to address this crucial piece of your recruiting strategy.  

New Features:


Upload Your Own Profiles

Now you and your team can source passive candidates on your own, in addition to leveraging our crowdsourcing feature. Just click “Add Profile” under the “Sourcing” section of your Job.

Enrich Your Profiles

When you upload your own profiles they will be automatically enriched, the CV will be parsed to streamline search and analysis, and we’ll show you up to 3 email contacts for each passive candidate.

Instantly Engage Candidates

Our customizable email templates can automatically send email campaigns to your potential candidates. Visage will verify and rank the email addresses before you start sending, which significantly decreases the potential for being flagged as spam and improves the candidate experience. We are GDPR & CCPA compliant so you do not need to worry about conforming to email and privacy regulations. 

Plan Your workload

We help you to understand your passive sourcing needs with our AI-powered pipeline predictions. When you create a job on Visage, we show you predictive objectives to help keep you on track with your sourcing budgets and timeline.

Team Collaboration

We understand that multiple team members may need to be working on a single job at any given time, which is why we built collaborative tools for both team members and hiring managers. Now you can share profiles, transfer jobs amongst your team, change email senders, and leave notes on profiles.

Manage Smarter

We make it easier for managers to monitor and drive team performance through our data insights tools. Now you can view all open jobs across your team, monitor your team’s progress, and understand your passive candidate sourcing needs in order to achieve your hiring goals.

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