Wins, Woes, and Wine: Talent Acquisition Ah-Ha! Moments With Salina Rajani

Margaux Rossouw

Nancy D’Ofornio, the host of the weekly Linkedin live series, Wins, Woes, and Wine, interviews the most cutting-edge Talent Acquisition leaders to date and picks their brains on their personal experience, what they bring to the hiring table and their top tips and strategies for navigating the recruitment landscape. These candid conversations are designed for talent leaders of all backgrounds, skill levels, and stages to explore what it means to be an exceptional workforce leader.

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Talent Acquisition Ah-Ha! Moments With Salina Rajani

This week on Wins, Woes & Wine, get ready to refine your leadership skills and gain a more strategic approach to Talent Acquisition. Grab your favorite wine, pour yourself a glass, and let’s have a toast for this week’s guest–Salina Rajani!

Salina Rajani is the Human Resources expert at Binance. With over 15+ years of experience within the HR/TA space, Salina Rajani is dedicated to creating the most strategic and optimized approach from the candidate to employee journey. She does not miss a beat!

Salina Rajani started her career in HR and knew she wanted to be a subject matter expert in talent. Because an organization’s success heavily depends on having the proper skill set, TA has always been a part of Salina’s life. Today, she shares her cutting-edge insights and secret HR/TA weapons that help her excel as a talent leader every day.

She provides viewers with an in-depth look at her strategies for creating an optimized candidate-to-employee journey as well as her talents for optimizing organizational success through skill set selection. Salina’s impressive career trajectory from HR expert to Talent Acquisition subject matter expert is sure to inspire those who listen.

Nancy and Salina discuss various topics, including

  • What TA experts need to understand – Discover critical elements that inform the TA lifecycle that you may have overlooked.
  • Nailing the candidate experience – The candidate experience matters from the moment you pick up the phone to the 90-day process of onboarding.
  • Leverage internal mobility – Take a step back and analyze your skills in-house. Otherwise, you may end up overhiring or overlooking untapped talent.
  • Build a strong relationship with your HR partner – Proactively schedule meetings,  remain transparent in communication, take notes, and ask questions if you aren’t getting the correct answers.
  • Understand market data – Take initiative for your career path by knowing your market. Bring that data back to your conversations with stakeholders to assess needs further.
  • Aligning talent to business – Gain valuable insights on achieving initiatives, goals, or P&L, and understand leveraging the talent you already have.

With her ability to break down complex topics into simple terms, you’ll leave the episode feeling more informed and empowered with the right tools to take your TA knowledge further. So grab your favorite wine, pour yourself a glass, and enjoy the casual chat between Salina Rajani and Wins, Woes & Wine on this valuable learning journey.

Check out the entire conversation to hear more about Salina’s professional journey and how she powers a more top-down recruitment approach to achieve TA excellence.

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