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Case Study: Siemens Energy Hits Important Hiring Milestone with Help from Visage

About the Company

Siemens Energy is one of the world’s leading energy technology companies. It has 91,000+ employees and locations in 90 countries.

The Challenge: 1,200 Hires within 2-3 Years

Siemens Energy has seen a big surge in demand for hiring starting with the pandemic.

The demand has continued, partly due to a major hiring initiative that launched in Bucharest, Romania, in 2021. The goal? 1,200 hires within 2-3 years.

To offer recruiters additional support and help them save time, Siemens Energy brought in Visage. The Visage solution is a passive talent recruitment platform that leverages AI and a community of global sources.

Siemens Energy started with an annual package that included 40,000 sourced candidate profiles.

The Solution: Passive Recruiting Platform + Additional Training

Siemens Energy recruiters used the Visage platform to post jobs. Within 24 hours, they would receive at least 20 new profiles per job from Visage global sourcers.

After reviewing and approving the best profiles, recruiters used Visage’s easy communication channels and automated email feature to reach out to candidates immediately.

In addition, Siemens Energy recruiters in Romania and the rest of Europe benefited from a four-month special project launched by Visage to help them master the platform and increase adoption across the team.

Visage Super User

Claudia Lautaru, a recruiter with 15 years’ experience who joined Siemens Energy in January 2022, emerged as a super user during the special project. The need to find qualified candidates with IT experience and save time prompted her to take advantage of the additional training offered by the Visage team.

She learned how to:

  • Use the platform effectively and post jobs as quickly as possible
  • Provide feedback to Visage, thereby improving her results
  • Leverage the chat function to get more help from Visage

“Prior to Visage, I typically went to LinkedIn directly to source candidates. When I compare how I work now to what I did before, I save so much more time. The Visage platform is very user friendly and a pleasure to use. It takes me less time to get a pool of qualified candidates.”
— Claudia Lautaru, Talent Acquisition Partner, Siemens Energy

Results: Hiring Initiative on Target

Achieved Hiring Milestone

Siemens Energy hit its first milestone for the Bucharest hiring initiative. Within the first year, it successfully filled 400 of the 1,200 open positions.

Engaged Recruiters

Claudia and the Romanian team were so active on Visage during the special project, they maxed out the number of profiles they were allotted.

Requested Additional Profiles

When Siemens Energy renewed its contract with Visage, it increased the number of sourced profiles from 40,000 to 80,000 per year.

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The impact Visage has had on the hiring initiative to fill critical roles in Bucharest has been massive, especially when recruiters are as motivated as Claudia. Visage has been great in terms of offering additional training as well as educating and supporting us. We couldn’t have done it without Visage.

Simon Roberts

Regional Head of Talent Acquisition for Siemens Energy, Europe