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Case Study: Cummins Uses Visage to Outperform RPO & Industry Average in Candidate Approval, Email Contact Rates

About the Company

Cummins, a global power technology leader, specializes in diesel and alternative fuel engines and generators, and related components and technology.

The Challenge: Take Back Control of Sourcing

Cummins wanted to build a strategic pipeline in-house to fill niche roles. It was working with an RPO but wanted to take control of the process and use technology.

The Solution: Passive Talent Recruitment Platform

To build its pipeline, Cummins engaged Visage. The Visage solution is a passive talent recruitment platform that leverages AI and a community of global sources.

The first internal Cummins team to try out Visage focused on filling executive roles for a specific business unit. The six-person team was allotted up to 5,000 sourced candidate profiles over two months.

Here’s how the process worked:

  • Cummins recruiters posted jobs using the Visage platform.
  • Global sourcers provided qualified candidate profiles to the recruiters within 24 hours of a job posting.
  • The platform’s AI verified profiles, ensuring that each profile had the necessary qualifications, e.g., location, experience, and specific skillsets.
  • Recruiters reviewed the profiles—offering feedback to the Visage to improve the results as needed—within 24-48 hours and approved the best ones.
  • Recruiters sent an automated sequence of 3 emails over 7 days via the Visage platform to contact candidates on LinkedIn.
  • To improve open rates, the Cummins team customized emails via Visage. This included designating who the sender was, e.g., the hiring manager or an executive.

Results: With Visage, In-House Team Builds Strategic Pipeline of Candidates

Higher Review and Approval Rates

Within 2 months, the highly motivated internal team outperformed the RPO team supporting Cummins as well as industry averages.

  • Reviewed 98% of the candidate profiles
  • Approved more than 90% of the profiles vs. 60% RPO average
  • Contacted 92% of the approved candidates on LinkedIn vs. 51% RPO average

Higher Email Engagement

Email engagement for the internal team was higher than the industry average:

  • Open rates: 60% (vs. industry average of 32%)
  • Reply rates: 17% (vs. industry average of 16%)
  • Lead rate: 10.8% (vs. industry average of 2.5%)
  • Open to response rate: 1.8 days (vs. industry average of 5 days)

3 Hires in Two Months

In those two months The team filled 3 niche positions, including a Lead IT Applications Analyst and a Senior Cyber Risk Analyst.

And, as Cummins phases out its RPO, it has brought in three contract sourcers to continue its goal toward building its pipeline in-house.

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Visage has been an exciting and rewarding sourcing tool. The positions I was hiring for were unique. I was looking for specific skillsets, and Visage helped me locate the perfect candidates for the role. The submitted profiles were of excellent quality, and I am thrilled that I can now proactively and strategically build a talent pipeline with Visage.

Amy Harmer

Sr. Corporate Recruiter, Cummins Inc.