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Case Study: Visage Becomes Scalable, Cost-Effective Sourcing Solution for Global Pharmaceutical Company

About the Company

Charles River Laboratories is a pharmaceutical company that provides products and services to help expedite the discovery, early-stage development and safe manufacture of novel drugs and therapeutics.

The Challenge: Low Sourcer Headcount, High Demand

As the only sourcer for Charles River Laboratories’ U.S. locations, Spencer Streeter, now the company’s Senior Talent Attraction Manager, was in high demand, supporting recruiters and hiring managers at 40+ sites. The more successful he was, the more sourcing requests he received.

To alleviate the burden on Streeter, Charles River Laboratories began searching for solutions. An RPO, however, was not an option. The company had previously worked with an RPO but decided to lower costs and create a closer connection to candidates by bringing all sourcing in-house.

In addition, Charles River Laboratories was intrigued with leveraging technology to solve its sourcing dilemma.

The Solution: Passive Recruiting Platform

Charles River Laboratories turned to Visage to fill a wide variety of roles, starting with one U.S. business unit. The Visage solution is a passive talent recruitment platform that leverages AI and a community of global sourcers.

Charles River Laboratories recruiters posted job descriptions on the Visage platform. Within 24 hours, Visage on-demand global sourcers delivered a batch of qualified, passive candidates. Charles River Laboratories gave feedback directly to the sourcers, ensuring subsequent batches were fine-tuned for better results.

With each new batch, Charles River Laboratories reviewed the candidates, approved the best ones, and used the Visage platform to start an outreach campaign to contact candidates. The Visage solution also included a customer success team, who met with Streeter monthly to review progress and provide additional support.

Wide Range of Roles

2.5 months: The average time it took Chares River Laboratories to hire a candidate using the Visage platform. This held true no matter what type of role* the company sought to fill, whether it was entry level, middle management or a Ph.D.-level scientist.

Some of the roles filled include:

  • Histology Technician
  • Technical Trainer
  • Veterinarian
  • Senior Data Scientist
  • Accounting Manager
  • Senior Software Engineer

* Jobs varied across 13 different industries and 11 different roles.

Results: Growth & Expansion

From 1 Business Unit to 10

Charles River Laboratories was so pleased with the results for one business unit, word quickly spread about the effectiveness of the Visage solution.

Since Visage scales seamlessly, it was easy to offer access to more Charles River Laboratories users. Now 10 global business units use Visage for their sourcing needs.

From U.S. to Canada and beyond

Charles River Laboratories has also expanded its use of Visage to recruiting teams in Canada
and Europe.

Team Growth

Charles River Laboratories initially wanted to keep its own sourcing headcount low.

But global expansion increased demand for sourcing, and success with Visage meant that Streeter received approval to build his own team. Streeter now has a team of 14 internal sourcers who support recruiting efforts for Charles River Laboratories.

Strategic Focus

With Visage doing the heavy lifting, Streeter and his team have more time to strategize. In fact, two of his team members are dedicated to sourcing in high schools, universities, and communities, which is a new focus for the company.

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Using the Visage platform saves me and my sourcing team a lot of time. We post job descriptions and come back the next day with a bunch of leads waiting for us. The process is so fast, efficient, and cost-effective, it didn’t take long for the company to realize the value of using Visage for sourcing.

Spencer Streeter

Senior Talent Attraction Manager, Charles River Laboratories