Visage combines human and artificial intelligence to support your most complex searches.

Founded in 2015, Visage simplifies candidate sourcing and outreach so recruiters can focus on what really matters - their candidates. We create a strong and diverse candidate pipeline so that employers can focus on interviewing and assessing talent rather than searching for it. We solve this through our crowdsourcing solution plus advanced AI, a combination that is able to find the best candidates for open roles in a matter of hours. Our community of over 4000 global sourcers has access to millions of passive candidates. They leave no stone unturned! At Visage, we help you find the top talent out there and send only the qualified and committed candidates ready to interview.

We built an exceptional team using our own tool! As a 100% remote company, we are able to find the best talent imaginable - hiring based on skill set, experience & cultural fit. We practice radical transparency with our colleagues and our clients, valuing honesty and meaning above all else. We work passionately towards our goals while maintaining balance within our personal & professional lives. Our employees live in all parts of the world providing a global and diverse perspective.