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Case Study: Visage Helps Leading RPO Fill Hard-to-Fill Positions

About the Company

With 2,000 recruiters worldwide, Cielo is the world’s leading strategic recruiting RPO partner. Annually, Cielo sources hundreds of thousands of candidates for many of the largest global enterprises and provides a broad range of other recruiting services.

The Challenge: Urgent Need to Fill Niche Roles

One of Cielo’s clients, Celanese, is a global technology leader in the production of specialty materials and chemical products, and it urgently needed help sourcing niche, hard-to-fill positions. Many of these roles required more time-consuming research on the part of Cielo’s recruiters and potentially impacted Cielo’s ability to deliver qualified candidate profiles to the client.

The Solution: Visage Passive Talent Recruitment Platform

To meet the demand and ensure its recruiters could fill roles as quickly as possible for Celanese, Cielo brought in Visage to assist with sourcing. The Visage solution is a passive talent recruitment platform that leverages AI and a community of global sources.

The Cielo team signed up for a package of 10,000 profiles a year. Cielo recruiters then used the Visage platform to post jobs. Within 24 hours, they received profiles of qualified candidates from Visage global sourcers.

After reviewing and approving the best profiles, Cielo recruiters used Visage’s easy communication channels and automated email feature to reach out to candidates immediately.

The Results: Qualified Candidates, High Approval & Lead Rates

Visage provided the results that Cielo was looking for:

High-Quality Profiles

Cielo recruiters approved 70% of the profiles they received from Visage.

Strong Lead Rate

Cielo recruiters experienced a 13% lead rate while using the Visage platform to source roles for Celanese.

Time Savings

Cielo recruiters spent less than 1 minute approving a profile on Visage and reaching out to the candidate compared to 30 minutes spent on average sourcing a profile on their own.

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The Visage platform has enabled us to be proactive, successfully fill the sourcing pipeline for our client, and make multiple hard-to-fill hires for our client. The easy-to-use platform empowers our recruiters to manage a high workload yet still have time to devote to strategic efforts. We’re a big fan of Visage because they deliver consistent results at scale.

Becky Chung

VP of Talent Acquisition and Leadership Development, Cielo