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Our partnership with Visage has been extremely successful. Visage efficiently targets and engages the best candidates so we are filling positions at a faster rate. The quality of sourcers is so impressive and they are highly capable with evolving requirements and new types of technical jobs.

Maria Ma
Global Talent Acquisition Strategy and Technology

Visage has been a game-changer for our talent acquisition organization. Nearly our entire sourcing effort goes to the Visage platform, enabling our team to achieve significantly more. Our hiring managers think we are rockstars thanks to the quality of candidates and fast turnaround. I am constantly recommending Visage to my friends in the industry!

Alex Caiola
Director of Talent

I posted hard to find positions. Visage crowdsourced 697, validated 258, committed 31, and shortlisted 22 candidates. That was unbelievable. It happened overnight. That’s what blew me away. Visage was able to do this in 2 days when it takes staff of researchers a month to get to that number.

Mark Webster
VP Talent

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