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Over 3,000 Employees


About the Company

With 2,000 recruiters worldwide, Cielo is the world’s leading strategic recruiting RPO partner. Annually, Cielo sources hundreds of thousands of candidates for many of the largest global enterprises and provides a broad range of other recruiting services.

The Challenge

With seasonal demands and ever-changing client requirements fluctuating Cielo’s monthly hiring volumes by as much as 25%,  Cielo needed a flexible, cost-effective solution
that would scale up or down, depending on the hiring volume.

The Solution

Using Visage to strategically accelerate their recruiting process, Cielo was able to reduce their cost of sourcing while also saving recruiter time.


  • Sourced 150,000+ candidates
  • Saved 550+ hours of recruiter time in Q1 2021
  • Reduced cost of sourcing 36%


"Visage turns around a req in hours. A recruiter can submit a job in the afternoon and when they come in the next morning they’ll already have the first group of qualified candidates.”

Beka Hanaman

Global Client Services Director, Cielo