Wins, Woes, and Wine: Conversations With Talent Acquisition Leaders


Visage’s Global Director of Business Development, Nancy D’Onofrio, is giving people an inside look at the realities of recruiting.

As the host of a weekly series, Wins, Woes, and Wine, Nancy brings TA leaders on to a live format to discuss their journey toward entering the TA space, the challenges they’ve faced, the successes they’ve found along the way, and insights into the current and future state of talent acquisition. These honest, raw conversations are shedding new light on a fierce industry, as well as unique approaches for overcoming potential roadblocks.

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A Candid Chat With Voula Vasilopoulos

The recruiting space is highly competitive and a fierce market. Modern recruiters need to find a unique approach and passion for finding the right candidate and matching them with the right job to ensure you land superstars. In this candid, after-hours conversation, Nancy D’Onofrio sits down to sip wine and discuss the path to excellence with Voula Vasilopoulos, Director of Talent Acquisition at Interac Corp.

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Voula’s road to becoming a recruiter started with her background hiring individuals in her retailing role. In the years since she’s worked to build a world-class team of TA specialists with a passion for connecting people to jobs. Nancy and Voula’s conversation covers a variety of topics, including:

  • The need for the right mindset – recruiting can be notoriously difficult. Recruiters need to find their inner resilience to keep on track with their goals and reduce burnout.
  • Turning rejection into opportunity – as a recruiter, you’re bound to come across candidates that reject your offers or ghost you along the process. Modern recruiters need to capitalize on efficiency and keep communication timely to reduce the likelihood of candidate drop-off.
  • Getting to know candidates more personally – organization reshuffling, restructuring, and job hopping can come with stigmas. Recruiters need to push past this and build relationships with candidates to provide a personalized, positive experience.
  • The 2023 talent market outlook – the hiring market continues to look tough, and TA professionals need to work hard to cross the finish line with each candidate. The key to staying competitive is by developing a genuine human connection.
  • Ideal celebrities to lead TA teams – Zoula says that George Clooney is her top choice for a stand-in leader for her TA team. Find out why she thinks his charisma and skillset fit the mold.

Check out the full conversation to hear more about their personal journeys as recruiters, the tips and tricks they’ve learned along the way, strategies their teams are using to stay ahead of trends, and their advice for young professionals wanting to build a career in recruitment.

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