What Kind Of Recruiter Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


Countless factors go into making you whatever type of recruiter you truly are. Your temperament, personal history, strengths and weaknesses, interests, and values contribute to your approach to the occupation. Many also argue attributes like your zodiac sign can give some telltale hints into how you operate as a recruiter.

Calling all #Recruiters! Have you ever wondered how your #ZodiacSign impacts what kind of recruiter you are? In honor of #GlobalTADay, take the super-fast quiz from @Visage_Jobs to see what kind of recruiter you might be based on your astrological sign: Click To Tweet

While we understand that astrology can provide a generalized assessment of all zodiac signs, in honor of Global TA Day, we’ve created a fun (and super quick) quiz that can give insights into how your zodiac might impact how you recruit.

Have you ever wondered what impact your zodiac sign has on your approach to recruiting? Our quick one-question quiz will shed light on some of the traits associated with your sign and how it likely impacts your recruiting tactics. Take the quiz below and find out what kind of recruiter you are!

No matter your result, this quiz is a fun, deep dive into the personalities of recruiters we’ve worked with before, paired with some common personality traits found in each astrological sign. 

Obviously, great recruiters are represented in all zodiac signs, and one sign does not “win” at recruiting more than another. But, looking at some of these overall personality traits can give a new perspective on how you and your colleagues may approach recruiting differently.

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