TECHuddle October 2022


Visage TECHuddle is the quick monthly tech talk from the developers at Visage to help you keep up with the latest updates in the tech world. For October, we look at some relevant projects in the web application development world, solid principles and migrations of frontend tools, and the future of frontend build tools.

📣 ES2022: The Main New Features, Quickly, in Code: Easy to read code snippets on ES2022 main new features.

📐 Applying SOLID principles in react:  The importance of each SOLID design principle and how they can be applied in React applications.

🐱 NestJS v9 available: This is a major release spanning the entire platform, including the framework, improvements to the @nestjs/swagger package and CLI, and updates to the documentation.

🥯Bun: An Exciting, Speedy New JavaScript Runtime: Modern JavaScript runtime like Node or Deno. It was built from scratch to focus on three main things: start fast, new levels of performance, and being a great and complete tool.

⛴️ A guide to front end migrations: This guide will first go over the strategies for tackling frontend framework migrations, then flesh out the principles for managing the adoption of new libraries and tools in our frontends.

🏗️ The future of front end build tools: This article explores the concept of tooling for frontend development on the web. You will learn why we need frontend tooling, the various stages of evolution it has gone through, and the new developments that will shape the frontend build tools of the future.

✉️ A Modern React, MDX + MJML HTML Email Workflow: This blog post is a high-level overview on how to build an HTML email from scratch. If you’ve tried it, you know that it’s a gnarly adventure. The author remarks that the article is something you can use as a compass when it comes to your own email workflow.

🚨 Top 10 Most common JS Mistakes: Any of JavaScript’s subtleties lead to a number of common problems that keep it from working (10 of which we discuss here) and are important to be aware of and avoid in one’s quest to become a master JavaScript developer.