TECHuddle February 2022


Visage TECHuddle is the quick monthly tech talk from the developers at Visage to help you keep up with the latest updates in the tech world.

For February, we take a look at the latest 2021 recompilations and 2022 predictions on the ecosystem. We also find some TypeScript recipes and discussions + some interesting articles about CSS.


  • The Baseline for Web Development in 2022: This is one of the most interesting articles of the month. It addresses the changes about web development between 2021 and 2022 and how well we are adapting to them as web developers by analyzing data points. This is world-class! 🙌
  • Frontend Developer Resources 2022: A good recompilation of resources to look at in 2022. The author highlights resources from JavaScript, TypeScript❤️, CSS, HTML, accessibility, animations, Jamstack, browser extensions, testing, cloud IDEs/full-blown development environments, tooling, books, and even Twitch streamers! This post is a work in progress, so we’ll keep an eye on it 👀.
  • Hottest Front-End Tools in 2021: CSS Tricks has compiled the 60 most popular tools from 2021, and we agree with them that some will be popular in the coming year 😉
  • 🧙‍♂️ Frontend Predictions for 2022: Return of micro-frontends, functional JavaScript and the demise of the Jamstack are discussed in this article.
  • 🤦 Discontinued Long Term Support for AngularJS: LTS finished December 31, 2021. Angular team encourages everyone to upgrade their applications to Angular.
  • 🎨 Theme UI – The Design Graph Framework: This framework is something to keep in mind if when aiming to create custom component libraries, design systems or web applications. It’s ergonomic, theme-able and constraint-based so it looks an elegant solution.
  • 🛡️ NodeJS Security Releases: Some medium & low vulnerabilities have been solved on this NodeJS Security release. They are available for the v17.x, v16.x, v14.x, and v12.x Node.js.
  • 📖 How to setup a NodeJS Project with TypeScript: We all love TypeScript; this tutorial shows us how to add TS to Node.js projects. It’s interesting to read the steps to follow: installing and configuring TS on Node.js, compiling TS files for Node.js, executing TS Source files directly with ts-node, TS Integration with third-party Node.js NPM packages, Linting TypeScript with ESLint and debugging TS Code with Visual Studio Code.
  • 🔧 TypeScript Express Starter: Regarding the previous article, this GitHub project caught our attention. It generates an outstanding RESTful API Boilerplate using TypeScript; it’s perfect to start side projects in a few minutes.
  • 📖 How not to learn TypeScript: This article gives the most common mistakes people do when getting started with TypeScript. Even If you are an experienced developer, it’s worth it to take a look at them. Ignoring JavaScript, Annotating everything, mistaking types for values, going all-in in the beginning, learning the wrong TypeScript … looks interesting, right? 👀
  • 🧐 TypeScript features to avoid: Some TypeScript features are in continuous discussion. Is there any feature to avoid by default? Do we have enough reasons to use them? Avoiding enums, namespaces, decorators(for now 😟), and the private keyword are discussed.
  • 🎞️ The new Vue by Evan You: If you’re a Vue person, this is a mandatory watch. On VueConf Toronto, Evan You talked about the new Vue 3 experience, from new syntax to new docs, build tools, devtools, and TS/IDE.
  • 🔧 The Vanilla JS Repository: Looking for a vanilla JavaScript plugin? This a really good place to find one.
  • 📊 State Survey of JS: One of our favorites surveys is ready to be taken! If you’re a JS developer, we encourage you to take it, it’s so insightful to see the results by the end of the year.
  • 🎨 Writing Better CSS: Clean Code is something we all aim for and CSS is not an exception. This article explains modern techniques to reduce the complexity of our CSS code and write better CSS code.
  • 🎨 What’s new since CSS3 in 2015?: This is an outstanding summary of what we should learn; Custom Properties, Flexbox and Grid are top ones. Very helpful!
  • ⚔️ Prince of Persia JS: Take a breath and have some fun by playing this JS Version of Prince of Persia .