Your Guide To Elevating Your Recruitment Function


Elevating your recruitment strategy is both an exciting and intimidating time. With the market flush with new tools and tactics, it can be hard to discern the right path for your organization. On top of this, the tumultuous market is creating unique challenges that talent acquisition specialists and recruiters need to address head-first.

Luckily, other TA professionals have been in your shoes before, and our team of experts has taken the time to compile the insights and advice you need to guide you through the process of elevating your recruitment function. Below, we touch on a few key points you’ll encounter when you download our comprehensive guide.

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Focus On Diverse Hires

With the right AI software and tools in place, your organization can reduce bias in your hiring process, helping you amplify your ability to reach and hire more diverse candidates. As AI becomes increasingly prominent in recruiters’ strategies, several states have begun to implement new legislations and regulations to help ensure organizations are using fair hiring practices. Considering diverse and inclusive teams perform 30% better, there’s no question your organization needs to be prioritizing a focus on diverse candidates.

Seek and Engage Passive Candidates

Statistics have shown that an overwhelming majority of the global workforce identifies as passive talent. These employees have proven they have the skills and knowledge to perform in their roles, which means they are excellent choices for your open position. The trouble, though, is finding and engaging with these candidates can be challenging. But, the advantages of engaging passive candidates make it well worth your effort:

  • You expand your candidate pool.
  • The candidates you find are proven as high-quality employees. 
  • You can improve employee retention rates. 
  • There is less competition for passive candidates.

Our comprehensive guide to elevating your recruitment strategy helps identify new tactics for approaching these passive candidates. Download your copy now!

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Lead With Metrics

To make intelligent business decisions, you need to have access to reliable, real-time data. Prioritizing the right metrics is crucial for continued business success. In our guide to elevating your recruitment strategy, we highlight some of the most important KPIs that you and your organization need to keep your eye on, like:

  • Cost per hire –  the total cost of filling a position
  • Source quality – what job sites or platforms yield the best candidates for you
  • Number of qualified candidates – the number of strong candidates you can source
  • Quality of hire – how strong of applicants your candidates are
  • Time to hire – the time to complete the hiring pipeline from outreach to hire

By having concrete data informing your recruiting strategy, you can more strategically assess what needs to change in your recruiting process. The more data you have at your fingertips, the easier it is to keep your finger on the pulse of the market and predict future hiring needs.

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