Our mission is to help great employers hire the best talent out there

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Visage combines human and artificial intelligence to support your most complex searches.

Founded in 2015, Visage simplifies candidate sourcing and outreach so recruiters can focus on what really matters - their candidates. We create a strong and diverse candidate pipeline so that employers can focus on interviewing and assessing talent rather than searching for it. We solve this through our crowdsourcing solution plus advanced AI, a combination that is able to find the best candidates for open roles in a matter of hours. Our community of over 4000 global sourcers has access to millions of passive candidates. They leave no stone unturned! At Visage, we help you find the top talent out there and send only the qualified and committed candidates ready to interview.

We built an exceptional team using our own tool! As a 100% remote company, we are able to find the best talent imaginable - hiring based on skill set, experience & cultural fit. We practice radical transparency with our colleagues and our clients, valuing honesty and meaning above all else. We work passionately towards our goals while maintaining balance within our personal & professional lives. Our employees live in all parts of the world providing a global and diverse perspective.

Our team

25 employees — 16 different locations — 22 languages

Frank Abgrall

Senior Front End Developer

Patrick Birt

Chief Revenue Officer

Amandine Bonizec

Senior Data Scientist

Luicely Gomez Canelón

Lead Sourcing Specialist

Mahima Dhariwal

Lead Sourcing Specialist

Evelyn Egan

Global Crowdsourcing Manager

Zeynep Esin

Product Manager

Nikita Foster

Chief of Staff

Miami, Florida
Ludovic Guicheteau

Data Scientist

Zsofia Gyuricza

Customer Success Manager

Chelsea Heltai

Director of Customer Success

Washington D.C.
Chris Klomp

QA Analyst

Vladimir Kosmala

Lead Developer

Joss Leufrancois

Co-founder & CEO

Austin, Texas
Betsy Malinchak

Sr Customer Success Manager

Washington, D.C.
Emmanuel Marboeuf

Co-founder & CTO

Steven McLean

Director of Client Solutions

United Kingdom
Merlyn Orosa

Talent Hunter

Thibaud Poncin

IT Admin & France Office Manager

Etienne Servant

UX Designer

Irfan Sheikh

Lead Sourcing Specialist

Paola Michel Silva

Customer Success Manager

Alexandra Tobias

Community & Performance Manager

Sebastien Tour

Senior Full Stack Developer

Tai Gonzalez Varela

Lead Sourcing Specialist


Our investors

Urban Innovation Fund
NewFund Capital
Alchemist Accelerator

Our Values

We anticipate where the world is going and we build accordingly
We constantly challenge traditional work models.
We are contrarians - we are not afraid of taking an opposing view to challenge the status quo.
We always ask: What will this look like in 10 years? In 30 years?
We don’t copy the competition. They copy us.
We find our inspiration in other more advanced industries.
We solve complex problems making sure we keep the experience simple
We do not live in fear of “breaking” the app when implementing new and proven technology - we take calculated risks

We practice radical transparency: direct and honest in communication and sharing of company strategies.
We surrender our ego at the door. We focus on finding the truth instead of focusing on being right.
We have thoughtful and productive disagreements with people. We maintain equanimity.
We thrive on continuous feedback - we give and receive in a compassionate way.
We are an open book and understand the power of vulnerability, with ourselves and our clients.
We don’t hide bad experiences, bugs, or negative reviews to make us feel better.

We don’t sacrifice our long term vision and beliefs for short term returns.
We put our community - team members, freelancers, clients - ahead of our personal agenda. We care!
We always ask: Why is this important? Why do we care about this?
We act with conviction and confidence without seeking recognition.
We work the hardest when no one is watching.

Whilst we work intensely, we value life balance. We take time to rest and refresh.
We are radically open-minded and understand that people are wired very differently. We know our strengths and weaknesses and strive to understand others.
We listen more than we talk. We maintain a calm poise whatever the situation, thinking before reacting, mindful of our emotions.
We don’t hold grudges - we act quickly to address issues directly with the concerned person knowing vulnerability will be met with compassion.
We cherish diversity and don’t accept discriminatory behaviors. Sexism, Racism, Favouritism will get you fired.
Our technology will create an unprecedented balance in the workforce. Where you live, who you are, who you know will no longer dictate the opportunities you receive.
We promote mutually beneficial relationships.

We cover a lot of ground on truly important work. We focus on great results.
Making mistakes is inevitable when moving fast. Make them! The team will understand and help overcome any setbacks.
Our teammates can rely on us. We demonstrate consistently strong performance. We follow through with our commitments and don’t let people down.
We carve out time for personal development every single week. We always make choices that lead to the growth and development of the team and our clients.